Satta King Up: Adventure Game Review

What is Satta King? Satta Guru is an online game that is played all across the globe today. The game has gained popularity in the market because it gives players an opportunity to kill time and build their own empires at the same time. The game has a simulator like feel which makes the players feel as if they are part of the plot of the game.

The storyline revolves around a young boy named Sid who ends up winning a royal inheritance after winning a boxing competition held for young contestants. However, soon he finds out that he isn’t actually that entitled to the inheritance. His father has made plans to execute a coup d’etat which will take place on April Fool’s Day. Satta will then be put under house arrest along with his two closest friends. The four friends were named King, Queen, Shepherd and Baron.

At first, the whole event was a success, but then, it became evident that something was wrong. There were discrepancies in the accounts given by the three kings. There were reports that neither of the two kings mentioned having an affair. They were also reported to have died in the process. The situation took a drastic turn when Shepherd was found dead inside his own home.

It was then discovered that there were three bodies locked in the room. Satta’s father declared himself the sattaking and declared that Satta beheaded and his two brothers, Baron and Shepherd, were executed. Only King Sid was spared. He escaped from the prison and traveled to announce that he would free all three kings. This caused a huge uproar and most of the villagers were killed.

Satta King Up is a game from the publisher Slalom Network Games. It was developed for the Apple iPhone and it supports both text and voice texting. In this version, you can control your character through the keyboard or touchscreen interface.

If you like strategy games, this one might appeal to you. It will challenge your intelligence as you make critical decisions throughout your journey. Your choices will either help you gain or lose the game. If you think you have what it takes to win, try Satta King Up!

The story follows a young boy who was thrown into slavery after his master was killed. He escaped to find his master’s homeland, but soon forgot where he was and why he was there. This led him to become a wanted man and a prisoner in the royal palace. However, he managed to escape once while being pursued by heavily armed soldiers. You will have to find out where this boy is and find out why he needs your help.

This up game king presents a unique African story with strong magic elements. You can’t wait to play this one. The graphics and sounds are superb. The main story is beautifully illustrated and filled with humorous scenes. Although the length is long, you will enjoy every minute of it as you get to travel to another world and see the rich African scenery.

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