Understanding the Satta Chart 786

The satta chart is a tantra yoga meditation tool which shows the flow of energy (sattva) in the body. It compares your present situation to that of an ideal life and allows you to make conscious decisions about how to achieve that ideal life you so desire. The satta chart is basically a Sanskrit word which means ‘carving in air’, and it shows a graphical representation of life based on the five elements – air, earth, water and fire.

Let’s take a look at the elements and how they relate to each other. Earth is the base of all other elements, including water and fire. Air is the foundation and support for all other elements. Water is the element of dreams are the foundation and sustenance of energy. Fire is the element of passion and sensuality, while Earth supplies the material elements of food, clothing and shelter. By meditating on these relationships and their relationship to one another, one can learn how to harness the power of their mind, using the energy (sattva) stored within themselves, to create healthy change in their lives.

The satta king 786 chart has seven rays of different colors, representing the primary chakras. These are the beginning, middle and end of life, and are also symbolized by the different color of the rainbow, from white to red and beyond. Each color has a different meaning, and when they are combined together, they form a colorful pattern. For instance, the rays of red represent your passion, and fire helps to maintain a passionate existence. By choosing the colors for your data chart carefully, you can harness the true power of your mind.

One of the things that lead sanyasis to fail is that they do not allow themselves sufficient time to rest and rejuvenate. They spend too much time worrying, fretting and crying, and are unable to sleep properly or rest properly. This results in poor overall health, and satta charts which are full of worry and fear cannot benefit those who want to learn tantra. On the other hand, a tantra master who understands and implements the proper satta chart, is able to harness the energy of his mind, allowing him or her to see life in its true colors, and lead an empowered and powerful life.

It is important that you apply the data chart as much as possible in your daily life. You need to follow it precisely, which means that you must make a full commitment to it. It does not allow for deviation and is extremely powerful. In fact, this satta chart is an incredible tool to use in your own life. It is the ultimate tool for tapping into the power of your mind, because you only have to look at it for a very short time to understand its effect on your energy.

This data chart is considered to be one of the most ancient tantric manuscripts. Its influence on modern spiritual traditions can be traced back to the Indian yogis of the past. Today, it is used by many people around the world as a spiritual tool. If you are dedicated to following its instructions, it will have a profound effect on your life.

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