Use of Satta Chart in Tantra

The Satta king Chart is a yoga and tantra tradition that traces its origins to the Kama Sutra of Buddhism and the Indus Valley Civilization. In Sanskrit, it is referred to as the ‘Book of the Ojons’ and in English, it is known as the Tantra Yoga Sita. This manuscript was written in Indian under the guidance of Venkanta Swarup who is considered to be the pre-eminent authority on the subject of tantra. It was discovered by Yama Rama Sundaram in the eighteenth century in the region of Varanasi in India and since then it has been widely used and passed down various hands.

The layout of this chart is composed of seven energy centres or chakras. These are Chakra I (Sanskrit: khayana), Chakra II (Sanskrit: ganges), Chakra III (Sanskrit: hamdasana), Chakra IV (Sanskrit: brahma-sattva), Chakra V (Sanskrit: yamas), Chakra VI (Sanskrit: pranayam) and Chakra VII (Sanskrit: jnana). All the yoga and tantra instructions which are relevant to the human life can be found in this map. This tantra god chart can be used as a tool for achieving kundalini awakening in one’s life. However, it should be kept in mind that this is a divine tantra treatise and is not meant for mere mortals.

There are many advantages of using this data chart. The first is that it helps you locate your proper area of activity for different levels of practice. Once you have identified the particular chakra blockages that need attention then you will have to find out how your activity affects the flow of life-energy within those areas. This is where the power of visualization comes into play. Visualization is the basis of all spiritual healing and this satta chart perfectly portrays the way to do so.

The second major advantage of using this data chart is that it gives an idea about how to get started on the path of learning tantra. With the help of this chart you will have an idea about the various steps that you should take to get to the final goal. It also shows you how you will go about chanting and performing specific exercises related to tantra. Moreover, the satta chart assists you to understand the theory and theoretical aspects of the art of tantra. This chart helps to learn all this with the minimum of effort.

Another major advantage of the state chart is that it gives an overall view of your life. By using this chart you will be able to analyze the different channels of energy flow and get to know what your priorities are. This chart not only teaches you about your activity but also teaches you about the various channels of energy flow in your life.

It would be helpful for you to take a print of the data black satta 786 chart from an online source. Since the charts are very informative and colorful, they are easy to read and understand. You can use the printout as a daily reminder of your goals and purpose in tantra.

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